Day 31 - Issue 22

August 14, 2017

Luke 24:13 NLT

'That same day two of Jesus’ followers were walking to the village of Emmaus, seven miles from Jerusalem.'

Walking offers me the best way to process my thoughts. I’ve never really been able to meditate as I walk, since my brain appears to go into overdrive. Indeed, you will observe my processing mind by the speed at which I am walking – the more intense the emotional connection with my mind, the faster my pace. Jayne will often interrupt my flow as we walk the dog together by asking the simple question, “Where are you?”, a question that returns me to the present moment.

The disciples, confused and afraid following the events of that first Easter, leave Jerusalem to make their way home, their minds not simply consumed with the crucifixion, but the events preceding it and their own conclusions about Jesus. They were disappointed, for their assumption that he was the Messiah appeared to have been false.

The information our brain processes always creates some form of physical and emotional reaction within. Our brains order all of our life, which is why I process on the move. The better news for family and friends is that I’m now conscious of that fact. Where once I simply stormed out and walked, muttering grim threats as I strode off, now I give notice that I need to take a walk. Best walk and process than throw a tantrum or even a frying pan!

The realisation that we are integrated persons; with mind, emotions and physicality is important. In a world where so much information is directed at our heads, we must recognise that our heads are incapable of processing that alone. I worry at times that so much of our Christianity is directed at our minds and practised silently within. I have found great benefit on engaging in greater physicality when expressing my faith in prayer and practice.

QUESTION: How does processing life’s ‘ups and downs’ impact you?

PRAYER: Thank you, Jesus, that you walk alongside us in our questions.


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