Day 38 - Issue 22

August 23, 2017

Psalm 65:4 NLT

'What joy for those you choose to bring near, those who live in your holy courts. What festivities await us inside your holy Temple.'

I have never felt a call to the formal priesthood. However, I recognise that there is also God’s invitation that we each live as a priest in the priesthood of all believers. As such, we’re invited by Jesus to live like Jesus and make our primary objective in life to love and serve God. Our privilege is to enjoy immediate access to God. Our responsibility is to live with God as our first thought and primary motivation. We recognise that without him, we can have no confidence in the relevance of life in the earth.

For years I attempted to make sense of and find relevance in life both in general, and for my life in particular. I craved meaning and identity from the work I did, the position I held and who I might project myself to be. I was in search of significance against which I might measure myself against others. Disappearing into the black hole that was the responsibility of caring for Katey, I lost my footing in the world of meaningful work. My role increasingly removed me from the ability to participate in the ebb and flow of working life. I was increasingly disguised and my caring role a private affair behind closed doors invisible to all save myself, Katey and God.

I found this humbling, the more so for once Katey died and I attempted to resurface and resume life, I was just one more anonymous ‘wannabe’. However, it highlighted that value isn’t found in activity or profile. It can only be realised through approaching God and identifying with his purpose in my life. This was the journey, often grim, of caring for my wife in her illness. This was where the courts of God lay for me. This was my priestly sphere – obscured from all eyes but God’s. Finding my confidence here took time, for first I had to recover from an alarming loss of self-confidence. Yet, losing self-confidence created sufficient space to discover that my true confidence lay in God.

QUESTION: Where are you on the journey into God’s courts?

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, help me discover my identity and confidence in you and your gospel.




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