Day 43 - Issue 21

May 30, 2017

Matthew 6:9 NLT

'Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.'

The Lord’s Prayer opens with a recognition of my need of God. It is as I realise that I am alone that I recognise my need for companionship. While the charms of life, my own ambition or my own ego battle for recognition, I remain with a low consciousness of God. It’s as if I were in Egypt, with the Hebrew slaves serving Pharaoh, unaware that life offered me anything more than slavery.

Out on a dog walk on the South Downs with my daughter, then aged about 7, she ran ahead and disappeared around a corner on our woodland path. Moments later this little girl was running towards me as fast as her little legs might carry her. Her eyes were wide as saucers and her whole face alight with delight. As she reached me she breathlessly exclaimed, “Daddy, I’ve just seen a Wow!” Once home some detective work and a postcard confirmed that she had come face-to-face with a full-grown stag. This was her wow moment.

Each of us needs a ‘Wow’ moment with God. Life drifts on, God being there as God was there with the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. However, here Jesus teaches that the first step into deeper friendship with God is the time I am gripped by the scale, majesty, authority and power of God. Only then can I conceive that this mystery is more than fiction, fable or myth; more than a series of prescribed truths but an actual person who longs to share life with me. In uttering ‘Wow’, I am in fact acknowledging God is so much more than I’d ever conceived or imagined. Not some pocket-sized trinket to whom I can appeal in tough times, but one with the capacity to break me free from the chains of my slavery.

I see God as my source, or parent; the one who gave me life, who sustains that life and will bring me everlasting life as I pass through death. What am I to do but to bow the knee worship?

QUESTION: Have you experienced a ‘Wow’ moment in which you have encountered the reality of God?

PRAYER: Lord, you are holy, indescribably great in majesty and splendour. I am in awe of you. I worship you.


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