Day 45 - Issue 21

June 1, 2017

Matthew 6:11 NLT

'Give us today the food we need'

The Lord’s Prayer is significant due to the fact that it is the prayer Jesus taught his disciples. Indeed, it’s the only prayer taught by Jesus. Yet, where else do we see this prayer used throughout the New Testament? Nowhere! It only appears in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. So what is the significance of such a prayer?

Many of us are used to creating spontaneous prayers in response to needs facing us or loved ones. We call upon God’s gracious intervention, often speaking out of our desired outcome. Here is a prayer that is very much for personal use and reflection capturing the journey towards faith in God.

When faced with my worst anxieties and the very worst of me, period, I no longer could summon up spontaneous prayers. Their sound was hollow and my confidence in their phrases gone. Instead I discovered the value of the Lord’s Prayer. This started as I was challenged on what I call the prayer’s “hinge verse”. It lies at the centre of the prayer and its meaning and power turns upon this sentence. My faith was only as viable as my confidence in God’s ability to care and provide for my every need from the practical through to my mental health.
Trusting God meant letting go of control. It also meant trusting well beyond a religious nicety, theological orthodoxy or theoretical assertion. I’d place the full weight of my present and future into God’s hands. It was my Gethsemane agony.

Nothing in life brings us to the conclusion that we are to completely trust God. While there is evidence that leads us in that direction, it is an act of faith, for ultimately God’s reality and care are no more than a theory built upon a series of historical facts. The steps I take in my life will reveal the extent to which I trust. This is why the Lord’s Prayer is so relevant in every age. It was Jesus’ prayer. One that restated the truth the God was competent to care despite circumstance and experiences that appeared to demonstrate the complete opposite. It is for each of us a deeply personal prayer.

QUESTION: What does it mean for you to trust God?

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I am grateful for the food I have and I remember all those that today are hungry – Lord, feed them too.


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