Day 47 - Issue 21

June 3, 2017

Matthew 6:13 NLT

'And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.'

Jesus reminds his disciples he is present with them. They face the challenges and distractions of life, but with God always at their side.

Jesus was no stranger to temptation, the lure to follow a way other than God’s. Tempted in the desert by the devil; filled with doubt in Gethsemane. Jesus found hope and his way out of temptation through relationship with his Father. You and I are invited to draw on the reality of our friendship with God when in danger of sinking in the mire of unwelcome trials.

We can have confidence in Jesus since he defeated the evil powers on the cross and led them captive. We know that we are present with God now and always. Death has been neutered. We can also discover that God enables us to survive circumstances that at first sight appear unbearable, by calling out to him for help. Lost as I have been on numerous occasions, disorientated and angry, I’ve found my way forward through holding tightly to God’s hand, an act of imagination and will.

These are always difficult times, fuelled by self-doubt as much as God doubt, times of restlessness, anger and emotional and spiritual numbness. It’s about hanging on, holding on to a promise that appears as insubstantial as a twig, yet does prove able to bear my weight.

It is also acknowledging that God continues to bring me from slavery to freedom, that my life journey continues and God’s promise of sustaining me holds true in my bleakest moments. Even as I look for a way to change my circumstances, solve my own problems as I perceive them, God wants me to look to him for guidance and leadership from temptation to hope. God’s promise is that this will always be his way with me.

QUESTION: What temptations do you struggle with and need God’s rescue?

PRAYER: Lord, lead me into a holy life. Sustain, guide and deliver me.


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